[lazarus] why lazarus application execute file so big!

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Nov 16 13:21:10 EST 2003

GongYu wrote:

>hello,I create a project,only write one line
>procedure Tform.FormCreate1(sender:Tobject)
> caption:='aa';
>the execute file project1 size is 3.6m
>when I use smartlink the size is 3.3m
>why the file size is so big
Part is because Lazarus defaults to building with some debug code.

Check your compiler options under "linking" and uncheck "display line
numbers" and check "Strip symbols from executable". I don't recommend
this for testing, but for released software it helps.

Also, Lazarus apps fall under the same category as Delphi apps when it
comes to this. Since there's very little external dependancy with
Lazarus, much of the basic stuff is built into every windowing
application. You can write a console app and it end up very small, but
for a windowing application it will carry a little weight. Probably
around a meg minimum...?


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