[lazarus] Package requirements - cant find file

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Nov 16 13:52:58 EST 2003

Tony Maro wrote:

> Well as usual, I can't exactly reproduce this.  I put the offending 
> file back into the package and tried to force the crash but it 
> wouldn't.  So I thought I'd go back to the CBT1 package that it 
> originally happened with and discovered something different.
> I have a package called "cbtpack" with a version set to 1.0 in 
> /Projects/cbtracker/cbtpack/
> I have another called "cbtpack" with a version set to 2.0 in 
> /Projects/cbt2/cbtpack/
> I uninstalled the 2.0 package, rebuilt lazarus, closed and restarted.  
> I then compiled clean and installed the 1.0 package, rebuilt and 
> restarted.  No problems.
> So, now I want to go back to the 2.0 package so I uninstall 1.0, 
> rebuilt lazarus and restarted.  I open the 2.0 package, compile clean 
> and install, rebuild Lazarus no problem.
> Restart Lazarus and I get a messagebox "Package cbtpack 1.0" unit name 
> "cbtobjects" unit not found "cbtobjects".
> cbtpack 1.0 doesn't contain cbtobjects, that was new in 2.0.  The 
> console output from Lazarus is useless and doesn't reference the error.
> The package graph tree after the error shows that cbtpack 1.0 is 
> installed, and all of the 1.0 package components are in the palette.
> -Tony

I finally was able to compile the 2.0 package back in, but had to rename 
the directory the 1.0 package was located in before it would work.


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