[lazarus] Getting Involved

Anthony H. Downey, Jr. adowney at logicalinfo.com
Tue Nov 18 12:28:34 EST 2003

I'd be glad to help in any area, although I'd prefer Database, Components,
Editor, and Interface.  I notice that you have a need for a DFM-LFM
converter.  Would that be a good starting point?  


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> If there's a need for another set of hands on either the Linux or 
> Windows side of the house (preferably Linux) I'd love to help out with 
> the project.


We need helping hands. Where do you want to help: Debugger, Source Editor,
Form Editing, Databases, Components, Controls, Help/Docs, Doc Editor, gtk
interface, win32 interface, ... ? Also see Roadmap.


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