[lazarus] TreeView component and other questions

Raul Moratalla raul.moratalla at mammaluna.com
Fri Nov 21 04:20:31 EST 2003

Hi! In an empty project of Lazarus I insert one TreeView Component and when I 
try to delete it I get an exception error.

I'm trying also to install the mysql components and I get a message that 
explains me that lazarus has to be compiled in order to accep dynamic linked 
packages. When It is finishing the process, shows the next error:

TOutputFilter: "Linking ./lazarus"
TOutputFilter: "/usr/bin/ld: can't find -lgds"
TOutputFilter: "lazarus.pp(352) Error: Error while linking"
TOutputFilter: "Closing script ./ppas.sh"
TOutputFilter: "make[1]: *** [lazarus] Error 1"
TExternalToolList.Run make[1]: *** [lazarus] Error 1

Why does this happen? How can I solve it?

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