[lazarus] Getting Involved

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Sat Nov 22 22:18:48 EST 2003

> > > PS is there a list somewhere that name all the people 
> > > involved with the project.
> > 
> > Actually I think this isn't a bad idea.  A list of active 
developers and
> > what they are working on...

> IMO: 
> 1. Either you know from the list who is working on what.
> 2. If not, then you are either a newbie, or it was never mentioned 
on the
> list.
> Ergo: write to the list, if you don't know. Others will have 
the same
> questions.

> > And then there's people like me who aren't really working 
on Lazarus
> > itself (though I do sometimes send patches in) but do other 
> > and app development.

> I think, a list of contributors would be useful. Anyone, who 
wants to be
> listed, please mail.

Well we tried this once and it just didn't work. The bottom line 
is that it depends on the individuals doing the work report what 
they are working on when they are done, etc. etc. Nobody would. 
I tried to keep such a list but it was always VERY outdated and 
of little use. As Mattias suggested it is better to just keep 
up with the list to know who is working on what.

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