[lazarus] Black clBtnFace fix? was Patch forsearchresults dialog

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Nov 23 02:37:11 EST 2003

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> From: Andrew Johnson [mailto:acjgenius at earthlink.net] 
> Coul you try adding a test? This will not work for gtk2 
> because gtk2 is different but if you add a test that does 
> something like this -
> if (result.foreground.pixel = 0) and ((result.foreground.red 
> <> 0) or (result.foreground.blue <> 0) or 
> (result.foreground.green <> 0)) then
>   if (style <> nil)
> 	.....
> it _might_ fix it for when the color already has a valid pixel.
> which sounds like in this case it is.

Maybe I said it backwards, but whatever color I pick results in a pixel
equal to zero, so your conditional would always run.  Also, I thought
the code you're asking to wrap this in would take a pixel and turn it
into RGB, not the other way around...  Since my pixel is invalid (0) it
wipes the RGB value.  Am I reading this backwards?


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