[lazarus] New IDE bugs ?

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Sun Nov 23 18:06:00 EST 2003

Mattias Gaertner wrote:

>Each system color is a special case. clBtnFace needs a different trick than
>In this case the problem is the following:
>TListBox.OnDrawItem paints with clWindow to paint in the background color of
>the inner area. A TListBox is in the gtk a gtk_list with a list of
>gtk_list_item. The paint DC is that of the item, while the background is
>hardcoded in the gtk as the base[Normal_State] of the gtk_list.
>This technique is common in the gtk. The best solution would be to retrieve
>the current background of the gdkwindow of the gtk_list_item, so we don't
>have to bother about the specific widget class. But I'm still searching for
>such function.
>If I don't find it, I will add a gtk_list_item specific solution.
The suddenly black controls are definately fixed with the code Andrew 
and I were working on.  The black is generated because of a bug in the 
GetSysGCValues routine that mistakenly wrote on top of the returned 
converted system color with a zero _after_ it had already figured out 
the correct color.

Not to say more custom widget handling didn't need added as well.

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