[lazarus] New Bug Entered

Andrew Higgs ahiggs at ps.co.za
Mon Nov 24 01:23:18 EST 2003

This does not seem to happen with OpenBox3 but does with OpenBox2.X, 
Fluxbox, BlackBox.

Someone (I think it was Andrew Johson) said it may have something to do 
with NETWM support. Not sure

Something else to try is to open 'Enviroment' | 'Debugger Options'. This 
solves the problem for that instaance of Lazarus under OpenBox 2.X.


Kind regards
ANdrew Higgs

bugtracker at miraclec.com wrote:
> Title: Dialog boxes locks up windows manager or freezes
> Entered by: George Patterson
> OS: FreeBSD 5.0 patch 7
> Lazarus Version: latest CVS (0.9.0 beta)
> This is my first bug report..so bear with me.
> every other time, clicking on a button on a dialog box (such as save or project open, will freeze lazarus. Fluxbox will run away consuming all the processor, while under fvwm lazarus will freeze and be nonresponsive.
> I tried truss (aka strace under linux) but that didn\'t reveal much.
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