[lazarus] Some IDE Suggestions

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Mon Nov 24 17:34:28 EST 2003

At 18:35 24-11-2003, Stoian Ivanov wrote:
>       Hi all,
>  I've recently began to use Lazarus - it's great, with almost all the
>functionality of the Borland's IDE. Yet some things are ?missed? like tool
>tip about functions parameters (Ctrl+Space in Delphi) and Cursuor thrugh tab
>option allowing quick nesting-level tracking with kbd. I've noticed also
>that I need to do some simlinking to fpc source units in FCL source so the
>property editor could start working. Does lazarus note /etc/fpc.conf where
>those the paths are mentioned...

Ehm, you should not symlink them. THis way they get recompiled with all 
kinds of troubles. You can config it in the environment options - FPC 
source dir.


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