[lazarus] Help files???

John The Ripper ripper at arsis.net
Tue Nov 25 11:27:00 EST 2003

I'm writing mostly with my own components (console only), but still find
lack of missing help files. Ok, there is a "Write it yourself" which is
quite in order. Everybody should do some work in OOS projects.

I just wonder if there already is some parsing code done for me to use
in my help viewer, I would like to make a simple helpmake [unitname] and
possibility of editing help files on the fly, with multiple examples
etc., a help structure that allows evolving in OOS nature

Everything else I've got, I was just hoping that there is some code like
parsing headers from unit, and getting class structures, functions and
list of global constants and variables. Ok, I'm a bit lazy and a bit
overloaded with other work, I admit, but last time I checked that was
not a crime, more like a human feature

If it is, where it is?

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