[lazarus] Help files???

Martin Larsson larma at runbox.no
Tue Nov 25 17:11:49 EST 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 22:49, John The Ripper wrote:
> Says that output is only (don't take this only in offense), 

Yeah. That's the *output*.
What your're actually talking about is the *input* to fpDoc.
fpDoc takes two files, your source and an XML with the description.
It then creates a help file for your source in any one of the given
formats. (actually, the above is a bit simplified as fpDoc works on
packages, not on single files, but that's just a matter of scale...)

To create a skeleton XML, use the makeskel tool:

Note that this states:
    The output of makeskel is a valid, empty description 
    file. It will contain a module tag for each unit 
    specified, and each module will have element tags 
    for each identifier in the unit. Each element tag 
    will by default contain short, descr, errors and 
    seealso tags, but this can be customised.

I suggest we go off-list now and instead post a short how-to
for documentation. Reply-to set (but I'm unsure what the list
program does with that...)

Martin Larsson <larma at runbox.no>

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