CVS update was: RE: [lazarus] Enable/CheckMenuItem

Marc Weustink marc at
Tue Nov 25 19:17:47 EST 2003

At 15:22 25-11-2003, Micha Nelissen wrote:
>Marc Weustink wrote:
>>ATM, only code has been shuffeled between files, nothing has changed. One
>>of these days CheckMenuItem and EnableMenuItem will change to
>>LCLCheckMenuItem(TMenuitem) and LCLEnableMenuItem(TMenuitem)
>Now it does: Lcl{Enable,Check}MenuItem implemented. Tested to be correctly 
>functioning on win32.

OK, implemented the gtk part. I also removed the check/enable boolena to 
avoid inconsistencies (The item itself knows if it is checked/enabled :) 
and I introduced the lclintf includes in win32


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