[lazarus] SQLite?

Shin The Gin shin at shin.homelinux.net
Wed Nov 26 10:05:44 EST 2003


I'm still trying to get some database work done with lazarus. The goal is to 
have a TDataSet descendent for PostgreSQL access. I studied the TDataSet 
component source (fpc) to get the clue, but didn't. ;-)

Now I found SQLite (fpc) to be used as a template for TDataSet descendents and 
started to write a Package, so I can install it to the Lazarus IDE. The unit 
compiles fine and I changed the component tab from 'MK' to 'Data Access'. It 
now installs fine, except I get no component icon in 'Data Access', although 
it's a true TComponent descendent and has a proper registration procedure.

Any suggestions?

Shin - A.k.a. Thomas Braun

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