[lazarus] lazarus very gdi-resource hungry on windows 98

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Sun Nov 30 17:09:08 EST 2003

At 22:43 30-11-2003, Vincent Snijders wrote:
>Lazarus is uses very much gdi-resource (mostly pens) when I run it on
>windows 98. I didn't test it on other win32 OSes.
>To see, what I mean open de resource meter, which shows system, user and
>GDI resources. If I open lazarus and move another window over the editor
>it get very soon low on GDI-resources.
>Can somebody else confirm this behaviour?
>The moving of the other windows causes a lot of repaints of the editor
>window. Some diagnostic tool showed pens are allocated, but not freed to
>the OS. I have been trying to find out, why they are not returned to the
>OS, but I couldn't find anything conclusive. I suspect it is because
>DeleteObject is called, while the pen handle is still selected (in use)
>on the canvas. MSDN says you must not call DeleteObject on gdi-objects
>still selected in a device context. It also says it returns 0, when the
>call fails, but I haven't seen it failing.
>I couldn't find any code in canvas.inc or pen.inc, which deselects the
>pen, before calling DeleteObject on the pen handle.
>I am on the right track or on a wild goose chase?

the Winapi help indeed states that a object has to be deselected first. I 
don't know if it results in a leak if you don't. (In any code I've written 
so far I deselect first :)

Maybe you can just write a little test app where objects in a loop are 
created, selected and the deleted.


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