[lazarus] GTK2 CBTracker Test Build

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 3 00:04:19 EDT 2003

Hey again, 

since I got GTK2 looking semi-useable now, I figured what better way to
try and find more bugs then with a pre-existing lazarus app. Obviously
the IDE often is the most complex app, so trying to get it too work is a
feet in itself, and thus isn't always a fair indication of what currenly
works. I tried cbtracker, made a few adjustments to get rid of a few
crashes I caught, and uploaded a bz2 of it. 

Its rather large (compressed 2.2, uncompressed - 7.4). Not sure how much
of this is gtk2 interface/gdb symbols etc, how much is tony's < 2mb
notice is outa date ;)

I don't know if its actually really useable as stands, but I only know
of a handfull of big problems.  So usual disclaimer, if your hd bursts
in to flames its your own fault for using it! I am supplying it only for
those who wish to test and see how far along GTK2 is coming without
having to muck around with trying to build there own gtk2 lazarus or
test apps. 


obviously also requires GTK2 libs, I am using 2.2, but should work fine
for 2.0


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