[lazarus] DataSource/DataSet

Andrew Higgs ahiggs at ps.co.za
Tue Oct 7 02:00:29 EDT 2003

Andrew Johnson wrote:
> Some of the controls are partly useable, however they have not all been
> well tested. For instance DBLabel and DBEdit apear to work very well,
> DBListBox works for viewing, not for changing(yet), DBGrid apears to
> show information properly, however scrolling doesn't always work yet(for
> me) etc. The DB backend needs more work and cleanups to be as useable(or
> hopefully more so) for the controls as Delphi.

Works nicely for me using IBQuery. The navigator is looking slick. I 
tried out the DBGrid and DBEdit boxes. Only real problem I found was 
that if you navigate past Record 10, Record 1 gets replaced with the 
data from record 11 and this seems to hold true for the following 
records. When you reach the last record you can only go back 10 records. 
Is this a known problem?

These components are looking awesome. Thanks guys.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why TIBQuery  causes a form to not be 
able to be streamed. I have no clue where to even try to fix this, but 
if anyone has a couple of not to technical explanations of things to try 
  I will gladly try them out.

Andrew Higgs

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