[lazarus] Win32: parent form and taskbar button

Micha Nelissen M.Nelissen at student.tue.nl
Mon Sep 1 13:46:36 EDT 2003

Mattias Gaertner wrote:

> On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:23:20 +0200
> Micha Nelissen <M.Nelissen at student.tue.nl> wrote:
>>Remember my patch to consolidate taskbar buttons by using the owner of a 
>>In the IDE the designer form, 'Form1' so to say, is not under parental 
> Designer forms should be as separate from the IDE as possible, because they
> contain designer components, which can be buggy. And it splits TComponent
> notifications, between IDE and each designer form.

OK, this is a good point. Can you make the owner of the source editor 
something else as the mainide then?



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