[lazarus] CVS Updates

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Wed Sep 3 06:43:29 EDT 2003

Hi all,

LCL can now load/save .png images with the new TPortableNetworkGraphic. The
new graphic class demonstrates that any fpImage format can now be added to
the LCL in a minute. Just create the class and add 3 lines of code. I hope,
there will soon be some people writing fpImage readers/writers for bmp, jpg,

Other updates:

- fixed ControlAtPos for hidden TPage
- implemented component tree for object inspector.
  Because Drag&Drop is not yet implemented in TTreeView,
  you can only view the control hierachy, but not alter it.
- implemented for packages:
  translating custom compiler options to codetools defines.
  That means for instance: You can now use -d compiler flags
  in the custom options, and "find declaration" will consider
  this for all source directories of the package.
  Inherited custom options are not yet implemented.
- implemented CodeTools Defines Values dialog. This dialog
  shows you the current defines for a directory.
  Available under
  Environment -> CodeTools Defines Editor -> Tools -> Preview
  and under
  Source Editor -> Popup Menu -> Unit Info -> Show CodeTools Values
- replaced IDE's open file, save file speed button icons
- IDE's speedbutton panel is now as high as the form
- if a gtk theme has only a pixmap, but no color defined, default
  color will now be used
- TBitmap.Assign now shares image data (like VCL)
- TPicture.SetGraphic now shares the image data (like VCL), 
  and does not any longer use the whole graphic. If you use 
  TPicture or TImage, please check for mem leaks.
- implemented TPortableNetworkGraphic.ReadStream, WriteStream
- implemented TPreviewFileDialog, TOpenPictureDialog,


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