[lazarus] Patch for win32

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat Sep 6 14:59:19 EDT 2003

On Sat,  6 Sep 2003 14:30:12 -0300
"pascalive" <pascalive at bol.com.br> wrote:

> Here's a patch that:
> - fixes Checked property of
> (TCheckBox/TRadioButton)
> - fixes an Invalid Type Cast error
> (THintWindow -> TForm)
> - changes THintWindow border to none
> - removes unused and buggy code :
> csMainForm -> It looks that is not
> used in LCL

Thanks. Applied.

> About THintWindow,
> Shouldn't it be descendant of
> CustomControl?
> Currently it inherits a lot of not
> useful not necessary  properties/
> functions of TCustomForm (potential bugs)

Right. This is only for historical reasons when the lcl was very limited.
Before we can change it, we have to check all "is TCustomForm" statements.
Some functions need to know, if a control is a top level window. Because you
can't check this with "Parent=nil" many functions use "Control is
TCustomForm". I think, the easiest way is to add a "IsTopLevelControl"
function to TWinControl.


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