[lazarus] Patch for win32

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Sep 7 09:51:01 EDT 2003

On Sun,  7 Sep 2003 07:42:39 -0300
"pascalive" <pascalive at bol.com.br> wrote:

> Mattias wrote
> > Right. This is only for historical reasons when the lcl was very
> > limited. Before we can change it, we have to check all "is TCustomForm"
> > statements. Some functions need to know, if a control is a top level
> > window. Because you can't check this with "Parent=nil" many functions
> > use "Control is TCustomForm". I think, the easiest way is to add a
> > "IsTopLevelControl" function to TWinControl.
> I think it should be an interface
> function, so we'll not need to
> typecast to TWinControl. Furthermore
> the implementation will be intf denpendent

Maybe we are talking about different things.
I guess, you mean a function, that tells, if a handle is a floating window.
But I ment, we need a function to tell the intf, if a control needs a
floating window or a child window.
It is not up to intf to decide wether a control needs a floating window or
For example: A form asks the intf to create a handle. Currently the intf
will always create a floating window. But eventually we will have docking
and then the handle can be a child window. What type to create is stored in
the LCL.


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