[lazarus] Problems with maskedit

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Sep 8 16:29:05 EDT 2003

It didn't used to do this until I updated Lazarus about a month ago.  I 
didn't notice the problem right away.

Create a new project.
Drop a maskedit on it.
Set the mask to something like "00/00/0000"
Set the visible property of the maskedit to false
Drop a button on the form
Add the following code to the onclick:

  MaskEdit1.Text := '05/06/2003';
  MaskEdit1.Visible := True;

Run the app.
When you click the button the maskedit appears, but does not have any 
Click the button again, and the contents appear.
Any "text" property set before it's visible (and this includes when it's 
to appear on a modal form) won't appear.  Once it's been created and 
displayed once, you can hide, change and reshow to your hearts content 
without problem.  It's that first time that it doesn't work right.

Tony Maro
Systems Consultant
The Maro Group
(256) 337-5759

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