[lazarus] Patch for win32 : ShowModal and Lazconf

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Mon Sep 8 23:55:38 EDT 2003

Two patches are attached:

- fix ShowModal after being closed by X button
- small improvements/fixes to the LazConf functionns 
(include/win32/lazconf.inc). The primary path is set to lazarus dir and 
the secondary to windows dir. Maybe we can change it to the profile dir 
(under NT/XP/2000) and AppData dir\lazarus (default place for App 
files). Any suggestions?

BTW: When Creating config files, if Primary file is not found, is tried 
to copy from secondary file to primary file. This creates a exception 
because primary file also not exists. Maybe can be checked if primary 
file exists and if no, created a default one.


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