[lazarus] ZeosDBO packages with Lazarus?

Shin The Gin shin at shin.homelinux.net
Thu Sep 11 11:01:59 EDT 2003

I'm new to this group and like to send greetings to all at first.

I just started with Lazarus/FPC on my linux box. I also tried 
Kylix3-OpenEdition, but when it comes to serious database work it lacks all 
sorts of things and makes it quite impossible to get on without purchasing 
this and that from Borland. So I gave Lazarus ( a try and am really 
possesed now.

For managing Databases I found "ZeosDBO" with precompiled packages from  
delphi2 to kylix3. How do I integrate these packages with Lazarus? Do I have 
to build my own package before installation?

Manythanx in advance...
Shin - A.k.a. Thomas Braun

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