[lazarus] Question about patchs

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Thu Sep 11 18:06:06 EDT 2003

Prof. Roberto A. Berrospe Machin wrote:

> Hi everyone.
> I have one question, maybe im ignorant :) jeje but, ¿How can i patch lazarus
> sources under windows? im using cvs with TortoiseCVS, but i download lasts
> updates using console.. i dont know how patch windows version...

Download patch.exe,diff.exe from cygwin or mingw.
You can make a diff with cvs using -rdiff file versions (See docs) or
you can save the older file/dir and make the changes at one copy.Then do
  diff -c oldfile newfile > patchfile to create the diff.
To aplly the diff , in the dir where are the files to be patched do:
patch < patchfile


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