[lazarus] Unable to build latest CVS - win32

Micha Nelissen M.Nelissen at student.tue.nl
Fri Sep 12 13:19:57 EDT 2003


Make reports:

Compiling lresources.pp
png.inc(23,55) Error: method identifier expected
png.inc(24,58) Error: Identifier not found TFPCUSTOMIMAGEREADERCLASS
png.inc(26,11) Error: Identifier not found TFPREADERPNG
png.inc(29,55) Error: method identifier expected
png.inc(30,58) Error: Identifier not found TFPCUSTOMIMAGEWRITERCLASS
png.inc(32,11) Error: Identifier not found TFPWRITERPNG
graphics.pp(1820) Fatal: There were 6 errors compiling module, stopping
make[1]: *** [allunits.ppw] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `D:/Projects/freepascal/lazarus/lcl'
make: *** [lcl] Error 2



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