[lazarus] Questions about DB status

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 12 16:51:22 EDT 2003

I want to get DB working in Lazarus, so I looked around in my old Delphi cruft and found  a dsnavigator I wrote for some reason based on some freeware one out there. it looks a bit.... wierd and not DBNavigator compatible  but it seems to work in delphi, and it can be compiled with pretty much no change in lazarus, so I figured I could start there and work forward by getting a base FieldDataLink and Edit based on MaskEdit and make a basic TextTable based on mylittlebase(which can compile with no changes whatsoever with fpc1.0.10 in delphi mode) however I discovered to my dismay that a good half of the functionality needed to implement a proper TDataset descendant has yet to be implemented. So my question would be this.. should I consider trying to get basic db aware controls "working" even though the backend dataset stuff is sorely lacking in some areas or should I try and get fcl dataset more complete(assuming I am capable). I have a texttable that sort of works in delphi but untill the missing functionality is taken care of in fcl it will be rather useless. 

comments ideas? people want to help?


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