[lazarus] Programing with Lazarus (win32)

Horacio Jamilis hjamilis at pymesoft.com.ar
Sat Sep 13 22:05:41 EDT 2003

I have a problem with Lazarus on Win32 (fpc 1.0.10 
cvs and todays Lazarus cvs).
When lazarus starts It creates a new project with a 
new form.
In the form I put a button, then I doble click the 
button (to get the ButtonClick event method) to fill in the button click 
Then I get the next dialog error:
"The component editor of class 
"TDEFAULTCOMPONENTEDITOR"has created the error:
"Unable to find method. Plz fix the error shown in 
the message window."
In the message window appears:
"\lcl\Forms.pp(49,23) Error: unit not found: 
Well... where shoud I setup the search path in 
I am able to compile Lazarus with "make" so I guess 
I have the path correctly for fpc.
Any help is wellcome.

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