[lazarus] updated/mostly working LCL DB test app

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 14 08:02:55 EDT 2003

OK rather then sending this to the list and bog down stuff, I tried to
upload it to my site. 


I have hacked around a few issues with DataSet in my text table, fixed a
cancel error; got DataLink working around fcl bug; broke out stuff, and
implemented a basic TDBEdit. The test app auto adds info to the table on
load(another hack since field loading is broken in the fcl), and this
time I managed to get a semi-working dsnavigator in there(nothing
changed actual design so still not compatible with delphi's thus the
different name). 

Navigating mostly works, delete edit post cancel and insert mostly
work(note the workarounds for delete and post). do not delete if there
is only one record. stuff dies. refresh is silly nothing which may or
may not do anything worthwhile have no clue if the bookmarks work.

The DB aware components do seem to be properly updating barring the one
issue with edit and post(which I have the specific temp workaround for),
so I see no reason people couldn't start fleshing out these two controls
and implementing the other basic ones I mentioned in my earlier post. 

Since this Text table is very basic, additions to it would of course
also be welcome but I figure it serves the needed purpose of a
distributable test system without extra deps like MySQl, Interbase et
al. Adding extra fields should also work, but again we need the silly
hack to add info first then close and reopen to make sure the TField's
get created. so follow my initial lead on that.

For those who want to help out with the FCL implementation stuff. Well
its hard to say but, for example look at my workarounds, and open db.pas
and dateset.inc in the FCL and just look for Not implemented. you won't
find a shortage of work. also converting fields to a collection etc as
was mentioned earlier would be a great help.

A note for those graphics artist who want a shot, we need those
wonderfull arrow edit cancel post etc glyphs so we can get past the all
text on the navigator.

hope others out there can help, the more who can the faster this can be
truly useable for people, and maybe even builtin into an lcl db package
and in lazarus by default. :)


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