[lazarus] how to implement TDBListBox.Readonly

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 14 21:34:04 EDT 2003

I just decided to do TDBListBox since I figured it should be another
easy one, but I forgot about readonly. With Edti I could use inherited
readonly to make sure it was uneditable, but with listbox there is no
such thing. So I need to figure out how to handle this. I think I just
need to add events for all mouse and keyboard events which would change
the selection. So I wonder what all I need to be catching. obviously I
need to do a KeyPress like I did with text, just add a test to make sure
TFieldDataLink.Edit validates and if not set the Key to #0. However I am
not sure what all else will need to be handled. aka what functions and
within those functions what needs to be trapped. 

If anyone knows please tell me :)

KeyPress won't get the arrow keys will it?


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