[lazarus] small improvement of register + need statistic

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Mon Sep 15 14:15:32 EDT 2003

At 16:30 15-9-2003, you wrote:
>I need:
>Detailed map of segments
>in Delphi linker generate public MAP FILE
>for example fragment of *.MAP from Delphi
>  0001:00000000 00006C0F C=CODE     S=.text    G=(none)   M=System   ACBP=A9
>  0001:00006C10 00000140 C=CODE     S=.text    G=(none)   M=SysInit  ACBP=A9
>  0001:00006D50 000000A4 C=CODE     S=.text    G=(none)   M=Types    ACBP=A9
>  0001:00006DF4 00000F4C C=CODE     S=.text    G=(none)   M=Windows  ACBP=A9
>  0

Use -k-M on the fpc commandline

Or use objdump from mingw or cygwin to print information about the object 
or executable.


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