[lazarus] Can't find unit INTERFACES

Armando Paz admorum at interlap.com.ar
Tue Sep 16 02:23:50 EDT 2003


I have downloaded (using cvs) the last version of lazarus for windows. I 
have downloaded "Free Pascal Compiler version 1.0.10 [2003/06/27] for 
i386" and the result of the "make command" has been OK.

But when I try to compile the initial "Project1" I get next "Messages":

syswin32.pp(5,1) Hint: Conditional I386 was set at startup in last 
compilation of syswin32.pp

project1.lpr(6,13) Fatal: Can't find unit INTERFACES

And I do not get to compile... I have looked for information in list 
archive but it is offline at this moment, in google neither.

In "Compiler Options for Project: Project1" I have all field in blank 
"Other Sources: (.pp/.pas 

Could someone help me?


---      Armando Paz   <admorum at interlap.com.ar>      ---
---      Debian (testing) GNU/Linux 2.4.20            ---
---      Usuario Linux Registrado  #189304            ---

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