[lazarus] Implementation of TOpenDialog multiple selectionsunder win32

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Tue Sep 16 12:38:18 EDT 2003

Marc Weustink wrote:
>> BTW: In my system, all progs with Open/Save dialogs (compiled with FPC 
>> , GCC,Delphi ... - includind MS ones) get a SIGSEG signal after first 
>> use of the cited dlgs. Does someone is getting the same?
>> To see it, just load the exe with gdb.
> ??? You mean that you also get an AV when you use a standard Delphi 
> Open/Save dialog component ?

Yes. In fact after any call to GetOpenFileName/GetSaveFileName.

>> Using WindowsXP Professional version 2002, no SR


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