[lazarus] New DB Test APP for FCL Fixes

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 16 14:15:30 EDT 2003

I made a new test app(mostly the same form as before) this time including both LCL dbctrls and FCL db, with changes toward improving db. I want to make sure the basic changes I am doing to the fcl itself are working before I submit a patch,  plus obviously not everyone is going to want to recompile the FCL just to test DB controls :)

What I have started to do is implement TDataset.SetFields/InsertRecord TField.Assign/AssignValue/MaskEdit/Text and I have moved TFieldDataLink over, using a FocusRequest Callback which the db controls that need to be updated then assigns(eg. editable TWinControls like TDBEdit, but not TDBText). Since a few of the changes (minor though they be) to the DBCtrls, require these changes to DB, I am not submitting them to lazarus CVS just yet. 


Anyone who wishes to help please test, and maybe make other changes to fix broken implentations, or add functions etc.


P.S. I am also having wierd, as yet untraceable/semi-unproducable errors with the SetFields and Array of Const which can cause segfaults and overall general corruption. I tried playing with misc settings but nothing improved, I am wondering if this is something wierd with the system I made the changes on, because I just tried compiling it on another system(same compiler et al) and it hasn't happened again. If anyone else has similar issues, let me know, otherwise I am going to be upgrading and reinstalling things on that system soon anyway and we will see... :)

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