[lazarus] Crashes with Lazarus IDE

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 25 09:45:10 EDT 2003

oh. this might make sense, if its a general expose error, it could be the changes I made to allow DoubleBuffering in GTK2, since I changed the MSG handling so it is using TPaintStruct a bit, I didn't think I did anything screwy but....  

I will play with it anyway, maybe also use some smart gdk error push pop like I do in getting the pixel image, so that these kinds of errors(caused by bad code or not) don't kill lazarus as easily(I hope).


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Andrew Johnson wrote:

>hrmm yeah. This sounds like something I might have caused... I will try
>and reproduce it. I had noticed that after one of my last set of changes
>dragging controls every now and again I got an AV, but that seemed to
>have gone away so I didn't look closer. :/
After my bug report, I was running Laz with it idle... I was on a 
different desktop using the console.  I flipped back to the Lazarus 
desktop and it immediately dumped leaving more GTK errors in the 
console.  I never even clicked on Lazarus that time, just on the desktop 
chooser to flip back to it.  So it's not just related to dragging 

Regarding the other crash fix of closing tabs, I've updated Lazarus this 
week, so I'm not sure it's the same bug you fixed, or that the fix 
worked, but I'll update again to be sure.

>P.S. Tony you need to update your TMPack, the lpk doesn't work,(and
>lcllinux->lclintf) I removed it and recreated it and all was happy so
>probably just some of the recent changes to the Packager.
I'm working on that as we speak... adding a new component to it, too.  I 
have just about finished a packaging component that facilitates the 
creation of self-extracting installers using Lazarus.  It will compress 
multiple files and merge them all into one file, with an executable at 
the head that can extract them all back out with your own custom 
interface.  Basically I just stream all the files together, compressing 
any after the first, and then tag a custom file allocation table on the 
end.  Compression routines are internal, so no reliance on outside 
libraries beyond interface.


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