[lazarus] A Bug, a feature or am i just stupid (Dialog positions)

Tony tony at maro.net
Sun Sep 28 20:47:47 EDT 2003

Tobi wrote:

>im using Lazarus CVS(today, about 12:00) version and FPC 1.0.10.
>I have a dialog (fsnormal, podefault, wsnormal,  bsdialog)
>and i want to save the position of the window (left and top).
>Saving is no problem, i use OnHide, OnClose and OnDestroy.

I can't get certain window positions to function right, personally.  I 
have one user of CBT who reports that even though I set the form to 
poscreencenter it displays half-off the right side of the screen...

So I'll put my input that yes, I've had many problems with window 
position, without even trying to move and restore it.


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