[lazarus] LCL: TPairSplitter <-> TSplitter

Andrew Johnson acjgenius at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 29 14:16:41 EDT 2003

>Delphi has a TSplitter component. The LCL hasn't, but the TPairSplitter
>looks a lot like it.

They serve the same type of purpose.

>I have the following questions:
>- What are the differences? 

A splitter has no children, it is placed between two controls aligned properly, and allows resizing between them at runtime, regardless its own size. It must have to controls aligned on each size to do anything.

A PairSplitter is a Special kind of control, with two panels, and it can only be usefull if the controls to split are on these panels, but it will still perform a split between those panel whether or not anything is on them.
>- Why doesn't the LCL have a TSplitter?

Probably because it is not compatible with the GTK way of handling this, win32 can be made to mimic gtk in terms of splitting, but the reverse is far more complicated.  Not certain, but this what I think.

>- If they are so similar, can the TPairSplitter be renamed to TSplitter?

No, because they aren't similar enough, they perform the same task but in a different way. naming it the same would lead to confusion of functionality and porting Delphi apps.


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