[lazarus] TWinControl.GetClientOrigin

Micha Nelissen M.Nelissen at student.tue.nl
Tue Sep 30 02:33:59 EDT 2003


TWinControl.GetClientOrigin is used by TControl.ScreenToClient which is 
used by FindDragTarget. FindDragTarget retrieves the mouse position and 
subtracts the client origin from it to find client position. Therefore 
it needs current on-screen position of control, not the LCL position. 
The LCL position is different when the LCL wants something to be in a 
different place but it can't be, for example a TCustomGroupBox page 
always has an offset of (0,22) or so in win32.

The result of this bug is that FindDragTarget does not work properly and 
so controls get MOUSELEAVE,MOUSEENTER incorrectly which is very 
confusing. IMHO this should be a high priority bug, albeit a complex one.

Furtermore, notice that this only happens when a control is resized, 
initially it does work properly. So it could be a problem in the win32 
interface too, not handling resize correctly (still) or so.



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