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Tue Dec 7 07:50:52 EST 2004

deisgned in a way that we (the users) would have to do stuff we should 
not have to do.

Also, I'm alot for close compatibility with Delphi.. but I'm more for 
innovation and efficiency. Perhaps having a few units that will 
basically do stuff like LM_Something = WM_Something, abstracting LCL to 
the same interfaces as the VCL, etc.

Maybe there is a way one component could be built with 2 interfaces, and 
in delphi compatibility mode it would abstract Delphi's interface.. this 
sounds dumb, but that way we'd be independent from borland's 
"innovations" and especially backward compatibility, which is cool since 
we'll be able to compile Lazarus apps under alot of OSes eventualy.. 
Delphi compatibility mode would only be usefull for porting Delphi apps.

I'll try to get my Linux connected to the net, and then I can start 
looking into helping with some coding.. =o)


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