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Tue Dec 7 08:01:54 EST 2004

which call subclasses. These subclasses then build a TFileStream instance
and then call SaveToStream/LoadFromStream.  Because of this there is No
SaveTofile/LoadToFile at the subclass level. These levels include Tbitmap,
TPicture and TGraphic.

I could be wrong, but I believe that internally they are stored as a bitmap,
or possibly a dib.

Chris Bruner

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> + From: Mattias Gaertner [mailto:nc-gaertnma at]
> +
> + TGraphic and TPicture is ok. But the TBitmap and TPixmap need
> + some work. TBitmap needs LoadFromStream and SaveToStream code.
> + My idea is to read and write window bitmaps, but to work with
> + an interface dependent format in memory. For the gtk the
> + working/in memory format should be GDKPixmap.
> + Thus we need two procedures to convert bitmaps to GDKPixmap and back.
> +
> + What do you think?
> IMO we should not work with platform dependent bitmaps. There should be no
> platform code in the LCL. (Where it is not it is only for temporary
> Why not with the bitmapbits only with a header with some info. (I know
> looks like a bitmap or a pixmap structure). In any case we have to convert
> the info from and to a (Win)Bitmap or a (X)Pixmap (or a (X)Image).
> I didn't follow the recent developments on the Image, but as far as I can
> remember, Delphi doesn't store the actual bitmap, so why do we ?
> Marc
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