[lazarus] win32 binaries

Jorge A. Giraldo jorgeagiraldo at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 2 19:52:37 EST 2004


>>Since this question is asked quite often, what about to create and 
>>distribute one?
>I am trying to do just that during the holiday break. Since I haven't been 
>working with the Win32 stuff I can do it sort of clean and newbie'ish. I am 
>going to try and create a single .exe with both the 1.0.11 version of FPC 
>and a current CVS version of Lazarus code with a built binary. This will 
>give Win32 people the chance to install and see what is going on without 
>understanding CVS. Since it will be a snapshot in time of current 
>development they will need to update their system from CVS or with 
>snapshots if they want to continue to work with it but it will get them 

I have downloaded the FP using the link posted in Vincent's mail, compiled
Lazarus and the exe was succesfully built.  Now I have my first hello world
application running.  Great job.

Is there any chance to clear those bugs related to the Object Inspector
painting in the wrong window?  If only we could get some basic things
working, it would be useful to create some small apps.

Congrats, Lazarus has evolved A LOT since last time I tried.

Jorge A.

>I will be putting it on the sourceforge downloads when it is ready. I will 
>also post here and on the web site when it is ready.

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