[Lazarus] Cocoa bindings

Mac Programmer MacPgmr at fastermac.net
Fri Dec 5 01:23:04 CET 2008

Mattias Gärtner schrieb:

>> 2.1 The help (at least for the browser setup) should occur in hints,
>> because online help relies on a valid browser link.
> Do you mean: The parameters in the configure help should show hints?

The fields in the configure dialog should have hints.

>> 2.3 When the distributed archive contains subdirectories, it should be
>> sufficient to set up the html path once, with automatic expansion for
>> the subdirectory pathes. (extra "All Defaults" button?)
> What distributed archive do you mean?

The (offline) help archive. The Wiki addressed the old directory structure.

>> 2.4 What's the suggested StartPage? I couldn't find a global index.html
>> page in the distributed archive.
> I don't know about the 'distributed archive', but the default is
> $(lazarussrcdir)/docs/index.html

That's the start page for online help, not the best place for offline use.


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