[Lazarus] How to make TSynCompletion working Case Insensitive?

Eugen Bolz info at eugen-bolz.de
Sun Dec 14 23:49:49 CET 2008

Hi folks,
I had some minutes of sparetime and went through control.inc.

Two things I d' like to ask:

1.) sometimes "parent"/"FParent" are checked for nil, before the method access it, and sometime not.
     Is this by purpose or are this potential Access-Violation candidates.

2.) In my programming-style I often check the conditions of input parameters at the begin of the method and 
     leave with "exit"-statement if the conditions do not match the current needs.

As for example like here:
procedure TControl.ParentFontChanged;
  if csLoading in ComponentState then exit;

Such things make the code much better readable.

I also use this in situations like this:

procedure TControl.SetColor(value : TColor);
  if FColor <> Value then
    FColor := Value;
    FParentColor := False;
There is no need for begin/end-statement.
if FColor=Value then exit;

Are there any rules for lazarus in this case or can everyone handle this as he likes ?



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