[Lazarus] TScrollingWinControl with GTK2

Roland Turcan konf at rotursoft.sk
Fri Jul 4 12:20:21 CEST 2008

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> The only thing I can see that is wrong (and vital) is that the
> TfpgButton.HandlePaint() is never called. Further investigation shows
> that the Paint Message which triggers HandlePaint() is never received
> by any of the components on the form. Only the Form itself seems to
> get that message.  Any clues where LCL is stopping that?  A plain
> fpGUI based application works fine, it's just the LCL-fpGUI based
> application that doesn't.

Somehow the child windows are no visible.

How do i know that?

I created a simple Form + Button project with lcl-fpgui.
Examined  the created application with WinInspector www.*windows*-*spy*.com/
The WS_VISIBLE flag is not set in styles property
Set WS_VISIBLE flag using "Edit Windows Styles" -> the child window 
appears and works as expected.

I hope this info helps.
Good luck.


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