[Lazarus] LGPL question

Bart bartjunk64 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 19:03:29 CEST 2008

> Maybe I misunderstood your intention.
> The IDE and the codetool are licensed under GPL2 or any later version,
> so it can be mixed with GPL3 code.
> The LCL and most components are licensed under the modified LGPL2, so
> you can link any GP license (and many more), but source patches must be
> LGPL2 too.
> If you mean with 'modifications' to publish source patches or forks of
> the LCL itself then they must be under the modified LGPL2, not LGPL3.

Thanks for clearing that up to me.
I wrote some patches and extensions for some fpc RTL functions, based on the
code in the RTL, which I intend to publish with my app.
I also wrote the MinimizeName function that was missing in Laz 0.9.24, and I
use that too in my published code.
The MinimizeName function (currently in FileCtlr.pas) I donated to Lazarus
via the bugtracker...
(I was not aware that by doing so, the code was autmatically licensed under
LGPL 2 and not a more recent version)

I guess I will publish my code under modified LGPL 2, since it now is part
of or derived from the RTL/LCL.

B.t.w. What is the reason not to use the LGPL 3 for the Lazarus LCL/
FreePascal RTL?

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