[Lazarus] When adding a packages it adds to uses clause

Hess, Philip J pjhess at purdue.edu
Mon Jul 7 19:44:41 CEST 2008


The IDE has always done that with packages. I believe I reported this a
couple years ago but didn't look into what it would take to suppress
this behavior.

Here's what I put in the Orpheus port notes about that:

"When you first add an Orpheus control to a form, Lazarus will add the
Orpheus unit to the uses section of your main source file (.lpr). This
pulls in a great deal of code that you don't need. Delete the Orpheus
unit from the uses section to reduce the size of your executable file."

Since the package's main unit references all registered units, this can
be a huge amount of code pulled in on platforms that don't have a smart
linker (OS X for one).



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Why when I add one of my own custom packages, it adds the package's
main unit to the projects uses clause?  eg: I have a packages called
fpgui_package.lpk and when I add it as a requirement to a project, the
uses clause contains 'fpgui_package' as one of the units.  If I
manually delete it, it still compiles without problems, so why add it
in the first place?

 - Graeme -

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