[Lazarus] Column-Selection-Mode and tabs (selecting half a tab)

Martin Friebe lazarus at mfriebe.de
Tue Jul 8 08:03:16 CEST 2008

2008/7/7 Hess, Philip J <pjhess at purdue.edu>:
> The IDE has always done that with packages. I believe I reported this a
> couple years ago but didn't look into what it would take to suppress
> this behavior.

I have noticed this a year or so ago as well, but never reported it.
Now it bugs me again.  :)

> Since the package's main unit references all registered units, this can
> be a huge amount of code pulled in on platforms that don't have a smart
> linker (OS X for one).

Exactly, and if you don't use Lazarus to compile the program (eg: via
command line), this could cause problems as well I think. If the
package (*.lpk) file is not located in the normal source code
directories, the compiler will not find the package unit.

Can we please remove that unit from the uses clause? Lazarus I believe
is intelligent enough to know the required package from the .lps or
.lpi files and where it is located.

 - Graeme -

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