[Lazarus] TDbGrid and multiselect

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Tue Jul 8 23:17:16 CEST 2008

--- El lun 7-jul-08, Luca Olivetti <luca at wetron.es> escribió:

> I can only say what my ancient version of delphi does:
> 1) the current row is part of the selection (e.g. if I used
> TRxDbGrid it 
> has both the triangle and the dot, and SelectedRows.count
> is 1) (under 
> Lazarus SelectedRows.count is 0)


> 2) shift-click extends the selection from the previously
> selected row to 
> the new one (under lazarus shift click is no different than
> plain click)

Can't do or will be TODO a dbgrid it's not a Listbox, are you sure delphi can do this?

> 3) ctrl-click add the new clicked row to the selection
> (this works the 
> same under lazarus)

Currently it's more like Toggle, if it is selected it's removed from selection, if it is not selected it's added to selection.

> 4) shift-arrow up or shift-arrow down extends the selection
> one row at a 
> time (or remove it if you go the opposite way) (under
> lazarus there's no 
> difference between arrows with or without shift)


> 5) selecting a row without shift or control clears the
> selection (well, 
> actually it reduces it to the current row, see 1) (under
> lazarus the 
> selection is untouched)


> I can work-around 1) in my code (but then my code will
> break if TDbGrid 
> is made delphi compatible) and the rest in the
> documentation (those that 
> will be using the new program are used to the delphi
> behavior, so I'll 
> have to explain to them that this program behaves
> differently).

please test r15713

> Bye
> -- 
> Luca Olivetti

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