[Lazarus] Migrating high integrated to windows library

German Pablo Gentile german.gentile at petrobox.net
Sun Jul 20 23:48:58 CEST 2008


I'm not really happy with lazarus' tab indentation feature.

When the next line has an indentation wider than standard tab width,
which is set to 2 spaces in my case, the cursor jumps to the (delphi
like IIRC) next position aligned under the next space in the previous
line (me thinks ;).

I want to have smart tabs on, because I don't need to hit tab several
times for deep indentations, but the stop should be only 2 places more
than the start of the word in the previous line above ... difficult to

Look here, if I have this:

case ButtonType of
    nbFirst:  lb.ItemIndex := 0;
    nbLast:   begin

and want to write that:

  case ButtonType of
    nbFirst:  begin
                lb.ItemIndex := 0;
    nbLast:   begin

When hitting enter with the cursor before "lb.itemIndex" it is indented
to align with "nbFirst". If I hit TAB with smart tabs off I have to do
that a couple of times - too often.

If I do the same with smart tabs on, the first TAB aligns with the colon
after "nbFirst", the second aligns one char after the "of" two lines
above (the "case" line). This second TAB should align two spaces wide,
not to any end of word.

Can someone follow me?
Is this behaviour possible with any combination of editor settings?


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