[Lazarus] [Fwd: Error on compiling Lazarus]

Chris Kirkpatrick chris.kirkpatrick at doctors.org.uk
Wed Mar 5 14:40:28 CET 2008

Adrian De Armas wrote:
> Marc,
> Thanks for your reply...
> I checked what you told me to but previously I hadn't change any color.
> I wasnt aware of environment-editor options-color executionpoint... so
> I tried to change it to some blue or red but bothing happens... I'm
> stuck.
> I didnt try the ubuntu's lazarus version (I think it's 0.9.22)... May
> be I should uninstall 0.9.24, install the 0.9.22 and try...

There is nothing changed in those versions in this area, so I don't 
expect any change.
Anyway, other colors like selection are visible ?


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