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Damien Gerard milipili at shikami.org
Mon Mar 10 15:43:48 CET 2008

Le Mar 10, 2008 à 2:42 PM, Damien Gerard a écrit :

> Le Mar 10, 2008 à 2:21 PM, Paul Ishenin a écrit :
>> Damien Gerard wrote:
>>> I may have a stupid question.
>>> Lazarus is compiled with Win32/Unicode. My App too. When you design
>>> your form (TNoteBook,TSpeedButton,TListView...) all perfectly work.
>>> (means all components are properly displayed). But at the runtime
>>> there always are problems when displaying.
>>> I thought it was the same, so I guess I am wrong ?
>> Sorry, we dont have telepathy abilities. What are the problems with
>> displaying?
> Especially with Notebook (under win32 if you use pageIndex at runtime
> it seems, pages are partially printed) but I thought it was already
> reported and problems with ImageList(http://ftn.shikami.org/misc/Lazarus/imagelist.jpg
> ), and actually, it was not a criticism. I just try to understand how
> it works before anything.
> For Notebook, I am only using pageIndex :
>  - Here is after a method that modify the PageIndex
> http://ftn.shikami.org/misc/Lazarus/notebook-wrongdisplay.jpg
>  - Here is after you manually click on _all_ tabs (sometimes several
> times)
> http://ftn.shikami.org/misc/Lazarus/notebook-good.jpg
> But I am not sure of my code for this so I want to know how it works
> before.

Ok, to sum up:
- None of my problems are reproducible in an example empty project.
- I'm using the Win32 widgetset (with unicode support) with both  
Lazarus and my application.

So, i suppose i'm doing something wrong.

Is there any differences between the display code of a component in  
the Lazarus IDE and the one used at runtime ? (provided, of course,  
that Lazarus is compiled with the same widgetset than the program)

Damien Gerard
milipili at shikami.org

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